Darren Woolway photographed Actor Headshots for Actors of Theatre Royal Stratford East, these were a series of shots to be used in CV’s, Comp Cards and Social Media profiles. Of each actor 2 side shots and a forward facing profile was taken.

It is important when taking headshots that you have the right shots to use in varying media. Finding out how the images are going to be used is really important in determining lighting, backgrounds and cropping. Typically actors headshots are photographed on an off grey background. It was decided for the main CV shot to have the actors looking to the left as in the CV template the image would be on the right hand side facing towards the text, therefore the eyes of the actor will lead the viewer to the CV.

The main headshot was lit with a high amount of contrast, almost in a Rembrant style, whereas the additional shots were taken with a more even light spread. A shot was taken looking left and looking right  so that the actor has a wider design option when using the headshots as well as one face on shot for profiles where a circular crop is required. Below you find a series of our favourite headshots from the day.

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