MKI Escort Door Glass

MKI Escort Door Glass

Last November Debbie from SuperGlass Maidstone got hold of us to help her document how you can restore a door glass to look as good as new. Darren was super excited about this project as having photographed a lot of classic Fords this would be brilliant to see. As you can see from the image it was in a pretty bad shape before the restoration. 

The biggest challenge for us would be how to make sure that the before and after shots are consistent in look, lighting and compostition, Therefore a lot of planning went into this, we also checked how/where the images were to be used to make sure we cropped them accordingly.

Screen Before and After
Screen close up

The Before and After images of the restored window glass were posted in several car groups on Facebook, it had an overwhelming response with a lot of requests for quotes. New door glass isn’t cheap and when you replace it you lose the originality of the vehicle, Debbie restores your original glass keeping in tact the logos that define the originality on the glass. The images were cropped square so that these could also be used on Instagram.

Maserati Bora

Following the success of the first project Debbie was the first one on the phone on the 2nd January to book in another piece of glass. This time it was for a Maserati Bora, not quite as badly damaged as the Escort glass but still with some pretty deep scratches and lots of residue build up. To keep the campaign consistent we used the same lighting techniques as before, then within 2 weeks Debbie had returned with the finished glass.

SuperGlass Maserati

If you have some glass you need restored then give Debbie from SuperGlass Maidstone a call on 07854 142 011. Did you like this project? Then use the social share buttons below to share with your friends and leave us a comment. Got a similar project you wish to discuss with us for you, give the team a call on 0800 135 7687 or alternatively email your brief to