Strong Visual Branding

Iliyan came to us with a view to starting a new fitness brand called Spartan Fitness, we helped him find and secure a top value domain name “” and set to work on a new logo design. Our designers went all out on this one and came back with some pretty impressive imagery. What was great though was that the logo Iliyan liked the most and wanted to revise was actually created by one of our junior designers.

Logo design in Maidstone


Of course it is rare for a design to be perfect from the start and quite often the client likes to combine elements from several designs or even change the colours. The mask shape looked great but it was suggested that we try a different type of brush, use a font from one of the other designs, add a scar to the eye, add some detail to the weights and perhaps try a different colour such as gold.

Revised Concepts


Final Concept

Spartan Fitness-white

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