Youssouf Adama has just launched the new Success Tuition and Training Centre in Maidstone offering tuition and training courses to BTEC level in ICT, English, Maths and Science.


Youssouf initially contacted us to help develop a website for him that will allow a shopfront for his business, he provided us with a logo that set off warning signs in our heads:

It appeared very generic and typical of what a designer might come up with as their first conceptual idea, it is full of cliches and the writing is very dated for a modern business. The first thing we did was a Google Image Reverse Search to see if the logo was being used by anyone else, this resulted in over 65 other companies using the same graphic for their training centres.

As we are building his website it is important to get the branding right, the whole design of the website will revolve around the branding logo and colour scheme so we suggested that we design a unique logo especially for him. Our designers come up with the following options:

logo Concepts

Youssouf chose the first concept; which he felt didn’t need any alterations at all, he now has a unique logo that he can copyright and protect for his business. Now that we had a unique and modern logo it became a lot easier to design his website, all of the colours and fonts used were used in the web design concept.

The Brief

  • Create a new website that incorporates the use of e-commerce so that the sales of courses can be completed online.
  • The website should meet today’s design and security standards and be easily updated to meet changing standards and needs. The website was built on the platform WordPress which is open source, this will allow us to easily keep the website up-to-date, an SSL security certificate has been installed and a rigorous security check system that blocks and IP Address that consistently try to access files that they shouldn’t.
  • The website should have a back-end that allows the user to easily edit their own content, add blog posts, create new product listings and collate customer orders. A Learner Management System has been installed to allow for the addition and editing of courses, along with WooCommerce for shop items, training was provided as part of the website package so that the user/s can add and edit their own content.
  • The colour scheme should match that of the branding, the branding must be discussed to make sure it meets todays standards. As mentioned above the branding was reviewed and changed.
  • The header/hero images should be designed with a call to action in mind. These were discussed and then professionally photographed.
  • The website has to have the ability to accept payments online via BACS, Paypal and Stripe, this was achieved through two platforms; WooCommerce and a Learner Management System.
  • Students must be able to book onto courses online and this has to be limited to a set number of students per course. The system allows the administrator to add an Instructor, Date & Time and limit number of seats available which adjust as places are sold. The site also has the ability to provide online courses, tests/quizzes and produce automated certificates.
  • There must be an area where Testimonials can be placed. We situated a testimonial slider on the home page that automatically changes:
  • Social media channels should be created for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN and Facebook. Where possible social shares should be available. We created all the social media pages, added links to the site in the header section, created social share buttons for courses and linked live updates. Twitter posts are now added to the front end of the site automatically along with any new posts or new courses:
  • Courses should be searchable. We created a search bar that allows courses to be searched by Category, Type and Keywords.
  • Help may be needed to create copy. We understood that starting a new business can be a daunting task and when asked to produce a lot of copy for pages can cause anxiety. We helped Youssouf by researching and writing some of the copy on his behalf as well as editing the content that he provided. Where possible we tried to include some animation of graphs and images.
  • Tuition fees are variable and a discount is available for multiple students or when purchasing bulk sessions in advance. To facilitate this we create a shop type item where parents can select different variables so this can automatically be calculated and added to their basket. The credits can then be used to book time slots.
  • There must be an area for policies and procedures. We created several pages for policies, procedures, terms and conditions and FAQ’s to cover this, we even assisted in creating templates to make the policies look consistent and professional.
  • All imagery should be representative of the quality that can be expected from the brand. All imagery was planned and photographed specific for purpose, this included any promotional imagery needed for social media

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