A lot goes into creating and maintaining a great brand image, from visual branding to the value of the content you post on social media. You should have a strong Mission, Vision and Values and these should shine throughout your branding message. Here at Scorpion Media we can get your brand headed in the right direction by getting your visual Branding. Sorted! from Day 1. Check out our 5 simple steps below on how to best invest in your brand.

1. Start with a good Logo Design

Before investing hundreds or thousands of pounds into literature and promotional materials you need to start with a good base. Get your logo design correct to start with as everything else you do stems from this. Your colour schemes, typography even the overall quality of your work will be representative of your logo concept. We always advise clients to revise their logo choice before we even begin building them a website.

Logo Design

2. Invest in a great website build

With your new bespoke logo design it is time to start applying your branding to your website build. Using the colours and typography created within your logo and drawing inspiration from its shape our designers can get to work on applying it to everything online. Your website and social media platforms should look similar in appearance and feel so that your branding follows through across all media. We can help set these up for you and link them to your website. Don’t forget your site should be mobile optimised and secure!

Website Design

3. How much is this watch worth?

The value of your brand is no bigger than the investment you make into it. So how much do you think this watch is worth? Most the people we ask this question answer between £10,000-£15,000; however the true cost is only £16.00, but the added value is now a lot more.

If you invest into your image your clients will invest more into your product or service. If you wish to look like a luxury brand and charge more for your product or service then you need to look like one. By photographing this watch in such a way that it looks more luxurious it gives the illusion it is worth much much more.


4. Ask for help with layout

Save yourself time and frustration by asking for help from professionals to set up design and layout for printed material. Some products take a lot of setting up and can prove costly if set up wrongly. It is important to make sure that the design and layout of your printed material is in keeping with the branding you have created online. For stronger presence consistency is key to being recognised.

Print Design & Layout

5. Don’t be cheap on print

You’ve done a great job so far creating the branding for your business, the biggest mistake now would to not invest properly in your printed materials. The colour and quality of these products will form the first impression of your business to others, especially when handing out business cards at a networking event. Our cards are always printed on thick card stock with a variety of finishes. Fancy something a bit different? Ask us to quote on some of our specialist print finishes.

Specialist Finishes


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