What is Spot UV?

Spot UV is an area that is covered with an Ultra Violet gloss coating on targeted areas of your design. It works best on Matt cards as the contrast brings out the shine on the targeted areas.

How To Prepare Your UV Artwork

The Spot UV artwork should consist of solid black shapes – 100% K only and in the exact position on the page where the UV is required, ideally in a vector format as opposed to bitmap formula. The Spot UV must be on a separate page and have the dimensions and crop marks in the same position as the printed file.

Patterned Backgrounds
Large Solid Areas or Text
Small Text
Large Area Surrounding Text

Spot UV works well on larger areas and as a pattern on a flat background. PLEASE NOTE: Spot UV varnish is applied similar to screen printing, and has registration tolerances of approximately +/- 0.5mm. It is therefore not recommended that small text or thin lines are spot UV’d as perfect register cannot be guaranteed.

How To Collate Your Files For Print

Supply as 1 PDF document with pages within.
Page 1 – Artwork Front, Page 2 – Artwork Back, Page 3 – Spot UV Front, Page 4 – Spot UV Back


If you have a page that doesn’t require Spot UV please insert blank pages in place so that you are always supplying 4 pages.